Muscle Flex Fashion Fridays: Tight Fit Volume 1

This has been a great week so far and it's looking like it's going to be a great weekend. Let's see we started this week off by releasing our first few muscle men videos: Sleeveless Muscle Flexing, Tank Top Biceps Flexing, and Sneaky biceps Flexing. All are receiving great reviews and are selling like like crazy!

Then we started our first weekly promotion which we like to call Muscle Worship Wednesdays! Every Wednesday we are going to release a new video to help keep those midweek blues far away.

And now we have decided to kick the weekend off right with another weekly promotion called Muscle Flex Fashion Fridays! Oh yeah Muscle Flex Fashion Fridays is going to be the prefect promotion to start the weekend. Because Friday is the day to get dressed up and go out on the town, every Friday we are going release a new video the features muscle in fashion. So if you like to see muscle studs posing & flexing in top fashions then make sure to check us out every Friday for Muscle Flex Fashion Fridays!

For todays Release you are going to see your favorite muscle man Samson Williams looking good and feeling good in Tight Fit Volume 1 . . .

Tight Fit: Volume 1
Samson Williams | Format: AVI Video Download
Price: 5:00

10 minute unedited video of your favorite muscle man of muscle men, the mulatto hunk, male fitness model and amateur bodybuilder, the Arizona muscle god Samson Williams flexing and posing. In Tight Fit Volume 1 Samson is wearing a tight fitting ed hardy collard shirt that looks phenomenal on him. His biceps flexing almost rips the sleeves! Did I mention he's not wearing any pants? When he takes his shirt off he puts on a flexing clinic. By the end he is dripping with sweat. Tight Fit Volume 1 is a must see for any true muscle worship fan!

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